<Cosmos> at Typojanchi   
아티스트 프루프, 강주성 <코스모스> 

Artist Proof , Joosung Kang ⠀
Typojanchi 2019: 6th International Typography Biennale. Section of Polyhedrons curated by Eojin Kim. ⠀
The cosmos is everything in the past, present, and the future. Elimination or selection is something from the outside. Joosung Kang+Artist Proof (Kyungjoo Choi) expressed ‘polyhedra’ by combining several clues from Carl Edward Sagan’s ‘Cosmos’. They focused on how space is not described as the ‘Universe’, which conveys a single nuance, but rather as a ‘cosmos’ in which chaos and order coexist and multi-layered meaning is inherent. Taking various approaches such as humanities, physics, history, philosophy, to understand the cosmos presents more disproof for the ironic aspects of everyday life.

Sound: Hannah Jeong
Photography: Heeju Kang